Ceremony & Rehearsal

Please read this page in its entirety before booking a consultation

From the consultation process to the delivery of your beautiful ceremony, I pride myself in providing exceptional services for my couples and exceeding their expectations in every way.  You can read the reviews from them attesting to this and it’s for those reasons that my prices are what they are. 

Let's Create A Ceremony That's Uniquely Yours!

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What’s Included in the Price

  • Unlimited ceremony meetings – your initial consultation is FREE
  • 100% access to me for anything pertaining to your ceremony
  • Consultations with anyone involved with your ceremony (e.g. Planner, DJ)
  • The preparation of your beautiful customized wedding ceremony
  • Officiate your wedding ceremony on your big day
  • Lapel Microphone System so your guests can hear the ceremony
  • Properly process your paperwork with the appropriate registrar's office
  • Follow-up to ensure you've obtained your Certified Marriage Certificate

What’s NOT Included in the Price

  • Travel expenses when necessary (mileage, tolls, gas, parking, hotel etc.)
  • Wedding planning services outside of ceremony planning
  • Paraphernalia for your rituals (candles, sand, butterflies etc.)
  • Wedding Website Services

No Haggling

I'm aware that haggling with wedding industry professionals is very common, please note that my business is a no haggling zone.  My prices are non-negotiable.  

Please don’t book a consultation for my services knowing full well that these prices are outside of your budget – doing so is a waste of my time and is disrespectful to my business.

Additional Costs

I’m based in New Jersey, USA and will travel far and wide for my amazing couples.  Depending on your wedding venue location, there may be additional costs for mileage, tolls, gas, parking, hotel etc.  

Deposit & Payment Method

To reserve your ceremony date and time, FULL PAYMENT is required.  I accept all major credit cards via PayPal.  I do not accept personal checks, cash or any other payment methods.

Paperwork Processing Only

  • COST:  If you don’t want a ceremony but just your paperwork processed, the price for that is $425.  
  • PAPERWORK:  You will need a valid Marriage License for me to sign, witness and process with the appropriate Registrar’s office.  
  • WITNESSES:  You can come to my office (by appointment only) or we can make arrangements for me to come to you for the signing.  If I come to you, depending on your location, there may be additional fees such as mileage etc.  Be sure to have your TWO witnesses available on that date/time.

Getting Started

To get started, please click on the blue consultation button (throughout my website) to complete my quick consultation form. Once I receive that and get a good sense of the size, scope and location of your ceremony, we’ll then schedule a consultation at a mutually convenient time.

I’m very flexible and can work around your busy schedules to accommodate evening and weekend consultations.  The consultation will last for approximately 1 hour and will be a conference call meeting.

Our first meeting is mainly an information gathering session (on both our parts) where we’ll discuss your love story, your ideas, get to know each other and determine next steps for co-creating a beautiful customized ceremony.

Book Early

Planning your wedding day should ideally start with choosing your date, followed by your venue and then your Officiant.

I often see couples waiting until the last minute to hire their Officiant.  I urge you NOT to do this as you may be disappointed.  Most top-notch Officiants are booked months (sometimes a full year) in advance so to be sure that I'm available on your date, I recommend you contact me as soon as you've selected your venue.


You may be in for a disastrous ceremony if you choose a friend or family member who has never performed a ceremony before or someone who got a quickie online ordination just to officiate your wedding – VERY.  BAD.  IDEA.    

Your choice of Officiant is crucial and you definitely don’t want the cheapest Officiant to be a part of the most important day of your life – trust me!  Here is an example of what can happen.